Definition of Euphorbia corollata

1. Noun. Common perennial United States spurge having showy white petallike bracts.

Exact synonyms: Flowering Spurge, Tramp's Spurge, Wild Spurge
Group relationships: Euphorbia, Genus Euphorbia
Generic synonyms: Spurge

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Literary usage of Euphorbia corollata

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The American Journal of the Medical Sciences by Southern Society for Clinical Investigation (U.S.) (1833)
"... and of smoothing the path " to that bourne whence no traveller returns."* New York, December, 1832. ART. III. Remarks on the euphorbia corollata. ..."

2. The Western Journal of Medicine and Surgery edited by Lunsford Pitts Yandell, Theodore Stout Bell (1844)
"euphorbia corollata. We extract the following from a letter of Dr. Preston ... D. The euphorbia corollata, or Jacob's Boot, has become a common remedy among ..."

3. Materia Medica: For the Use of Students by John Barclay Biddle (1874)
"euphorbia corollata—LARGE FLOWERING SPURGE. Fig. 21. EUPHORBIA IPECACUANHA (Ipecacuanha Spurge). The ROOTS of these indigenous plants (Nat. ..."

4. New, Old, and Forgotten Remedies: Papers by Many Writers by Edward Pollock Anshutz (1917)
"... in one case it was 100 when the proving was started and in two days was diastolic 145, systolic 175. euphorbia corollata NATURAL ..."

5. New Remedies: Their Pathogenetic Effects and Therapeutical Application in by Edwin Moses Hale (1864)
"euphorbia corollata. (Go-Quick. Milk-weed. Spurge.} This plant is as yet but rarely used in Allopathic or Homoeopathic practice, but our Eclectic colleagues ..."

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