Definition of Everglade

1. n. A swamp or low tract of land inundated with water and interspersed with hummocks, or small islands, and patches of high grass; as, the everglades of Florida.

Definition of Everglade

1. Noun. A tract of marshland, especially one containing clumps of sawgrass and hammocks of vegetation ¹

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Definition of Everglade

1. [n -S]

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Literary usage of Everglade

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Industrial Resources, Etc., of the Southern and Western States by James Dunwoody Brownson De Bow (1852)
"The everglade region i» of vast importance to our state, covering? a« it does an area of abou t one hundred and sixty miles lona by sixty broad, ..."

2. Camp-fire and Cotton-field: Southern Adventure in Time of War. Life with the by Thomas Wallace Knox (1865)
"The everglade State.—The Lower Mississippi Valley.—The Red River.—Arkansas and its Advantages.—A Hint for Tragedians.— Mining in Tennessee. ..."

3. Everglades of Florida: Acts, Reports, and Other Papers, State and National by Duncan Upshaw Fletcher (1911)
"While doubtless the everglade basin has been to a large extent filled up by the enormous vegetable growth, the drainage by the various streams, ..."

4. Truck Farming in the Everglades by Walter Waldin (1910)
"THE everglade SECTION. ITHOUT doubt, the richest soil in the State is in the section known as the evergladeS. This great swamp covers an area of over four ..."

5. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History by American Museum of Natural History (1914)
"Both from everglade, Florida; April, 1912. This species seems to be most closely ... La Belle, Apr., everglade, Apr., Ft. Myers, Mch. (AMNH); Ft. Myers, ..."

6. The Outdoor Girls in Florida: Or, Wintering in the Sunny South by Laura Lee Hope (1913)
"... XXII THE everglade CAMP THE LOON stood irresolute for a few seconds. He seemed to want to rush off into the dark woods again, and evidently expected the ..."

7. Biennial Report of the Commissioner of Agriculture by Florida Dept. of Agriculture (1909)
"... acres in everglade patent. Swamp area Monroe County embraces ... acres In everglade territory. School area Lee County embraces ..."

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