Definition of Expectorant

1. Noun. A medicine promoting expectoration.

Exact synonyms: Expectorator
Generic synonyms: Medicament, Medication, Medicinal Drug, Medicine
Specialized synonyms: Robitussin

Definition of Expectorant

1. a. Tending to facilitate expectoration or to promote discharges of mucus, etc., from the lungs or throat.

Definition of Expectorant

1. Noun. An agent or drug used to cause or induce the expulsion of phlegm from the lungs. ¹

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Definition of Expectorant

1. [n -S]

Medical Definition of Expectorant

1. 1. Promoting the ejection, by spitting, of mucus or other fluids from the lungs and trachea. 2. An agent that promotes the ejection of mucus or exudate from the lungs, bronchi and trachea, sometimes extended to all remedies that quiet cough (antitussives). Origin: L. Pectus = breast This entry appears with permission from the Dictionary of Cell and Molecular Biology (11 Mar 2008)

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Literary usage of Expectorant

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The American Journal of the Medical Sciences by Southern Society for Clinical Investigation (U.S.) (1916)
"They are based upon the assumption that to act as an expectorant a drug must ... The generally accepted definition of an expectorant is a drug which ..."

2. The Presbyterian Historical Almanac and Annual Remembrancer of the Church by Joseph M. Wilson (1862)
"Then use JAYNE'S expectorant, which will overcome the spasmodic ... The expectorant subdues this inflammation, relieves the attending cough, pain, ..."

3. The Practitioner by Gale Group, ProQuest Information and Learning Company (1890)
"He found that it is an excellent expectorant, but has a grave disadvantage inasmuch as in a large proportion of cases its use brings out a rash with intense ..."

4. Resources of the Southern Fields and Forests, Medical, Economical, and by Francis Peyre Porcher (1869)
"emetic, x-xx grs. ; as a stimulating expectorant, iii-v grs. ; or an infusion of one-half ounce of the root to one pint of water— dose, a tablespoonful ..."

5. The Retrospect of Practical Medicine and Surgery: Being a Half-yearly edited by William Braithwaite, James Braithwaite, Edmond Fauriel Trevelyan (1897)
"An expectorant cough, on the other hand, invariably consists of closely linked sounds, ... Moreover, an expectorant cough can not be stopped when once it is ..."

6. A Manual of pharmacology and its applications to therapeutics and toxicology by Torald Hermann Sollmann (1917)
"expectorant VEHICLES The syrups of tolu, of tar, and of wild cherry contain expectorant constituents, but their quantity is so small that they act merely as ..."

7. Nostrums and Quackery: Articles on the Nostrum Evil and Quackery, Reprinted by American Medical Association (1912)
"DANGERS OF COUGH MEDICINES Jane's expectorant Newspapers recently chronicled ... The statement is also made that in this family Jayne's expectorant had been ..."

8. Practical therapeutics by Edward John Waring (1874)
"In Phthisis, it has been much lauded, not only as a nutritive aliment, but as an expectorant. Sir A. Crichton* speaks highly of its good effects in ..."

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