Definition of Exponential decay

1. Noun. A decrease that follows an exponential function.

Exact synonyms: Exponential Return
Generic synonyms: Decay, Decline
Specialized synonyms: Relaxation, Relaxation Behavior

Medical Definition of Exponential decay

1. A decline in which the rate of decay is always proportional to the amount of material remaining; the constant of proportionality is the rate constant. (05 Dec 1998)

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Literary usage of Exponential decay

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. New Developments and Applications in Experimental Design: Selected by William F. Rosenberger, Nancy Flournoy, Weng Kee Wong (1998)
"TABLE 2 Two-point optimum designs for the exponential decay model Once again, from Table 2 we see that the optimum values of x\ and z2 become closer to each ..."

2. Volcanic Ash and Aviation Safety: Proceedings of the First International edited by T. J. Casadevall (1995)
"6C), the plume recedes from the off-axis field meter generating the near- exponential decay in potential gradient (fig. 3C). As the plume moves over the ..."

3. State of the Art in Probability and Statistics: Festschrift for Willem R by Mathisca de Gunst, Chris Klaassen, A. W. van der Vaart (2001)
"The exponential decay for the pinned measure given by (7) had however remained open for d = 2. This problem is addressed here (for a slightly modified ..."

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