Definition of Expressionists

1. Noun. (plural of expressionist) ¹

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Definition of Expressionists

1. expressionist [n] - See also: expressionist

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Literary usage of Expressionists

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Camera and the Pencil by Marcus Aurelius Root (1864)
"... Hogarth, Lawrence, and Gilbert Stuart, famed as expressionists—Skilled in calling up in sitter best expression—Mode of doing this—Anecdote of Mr. Clay, ..."

2. The Drama of Transition: Native and Exotic Playcraft by Isaac Goldberg (1922)
"But he is a compel-' ling psychological creation in just the sense that the expressionists repudiate! The background? But Hauptmann uses it for its colorful ..."

3. Continental Stagecraft by Kenneth Macgowan, Robert Edmond Jones (1922)
"... best of the expressionists—Georg Kaiser and Walter Hasenclever—were produced in leading theaters, or the official stages of Dresden and of Frankfort, ..."

4. The Theatre of Tomorrow by Kenneth Macgowan (1921)
"The expressionists are never seduced by romanticism as an escape from this ... The expressionists, like the futurists, deny the contributions of modern ..."

5. The Philosophy of Music: A Comparative Investigation Into the Principles of by Halbert Hains Britan (1911)
"Upon the problem of the content of music musical theorists have long been divided into two opposing schools, the "Formalists" and the "expressionists. ..."

6. The Study of Modern Painting by Margaret Steele Anderson (1914)
"... Orpen, and John—and the comparison, as we cannot fail to see, is one which suggests a resemblance between John and the ardent French expressionists. ..."

7. Ancient Art and Ritual by Jane Ellen Harrison (1913)
"They will not gladly be classed together, but both have this in common— they are expressionists, not Impressionists, not Imitators. The expressionists ..."

8. The Creation of Wealth: Modern Efficiency Methods Analyzed and Applied by James Harry Lockwood (1915)
"Who, then, are the "expressionists" or exponents of "efficiency methods," and in what manner do they promote economic life? A complete list would perhaps ..."

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