Definition of Extremisms

1. extremism [n] - See also: extremism

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extremisms (current term)
extremitas acromialis claviculae
extremitas anterior
extremitas inferior
extremitas inferior renis
extremitas inferior testis
extremitas posterior
extremitas sternalis claviculae
extremitas superior
extremitas superior renis
extremitas superior testis

Literary usage of Extremisms

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Great Harmonia: Being a Philosophical Revelation of the Natural by Andrew Jackson Davis (1884)
"... habits of the individual and society, which tend directly to develop and foster the evils complained of: the extremisms and ..."

2. The Great Harmonia: Being a Philosophical Revelation of the Natural by Andrew Jackson Davis (1884)
"These I term " extremisms" and " Inversions'* of essentially good forces. Who shall we take for an example ? There was good old SOCRATES. ..."

3. A Critical Review of American Politics by Charles Reemelin (1881)
"No system would have been adopted by them, that did not fit into their respective states- rights or other false extremisms. They had, themselves ..."

4. Modern American Spiritualism: A Twenty Years' Record of the Communion by Emma (Hardinge) Britten (1870)
"... many violent extremisms, temporary exaggerations, and excessive revulsions in newly-awakened habits of old thought, might be naturally expected. ..."

5. The New Great Game in Muslim Central Asia by Mohammed E. Ahrari (2000)
"If they define it as "Islamic radicalism or extremism," then they should also understand that extremisms of all sorts thrive only under conditions of ..."

6. The Genesis and Ethics of Conjugal Love by Andrew Jackson Davis (1881)
"... you now as a once charming common receptacle ; as a convenience and a relief for their conjugal extremisms and other excesses. ..."

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