Definition of Exude

1. Verb. Release (a liquid) in drops or small quantities. "Exude sweat through the pores"

Exact synonyms: Exudate, Ooze, Ooze Out, Transude
Specialized synonyms: Distil, Distill, Fume, Reek, Transpire, Extravasate, Stream, Gum, Release, Secrete, Froth
Generic synonyms: Egest, Eliminate, Excrete, Pass
Derivative terms: Exudate, Exudate, Exudation, Exudation, Ooze, Oozing, Transudation

2. Verb. Make apparent by one's mood or behavior. "She exudes great confidence"
Generic synonyms: Evince, Express, Show

Definition of Exude

1. v. t. To discharge through pores or incisions, as moisture or other liquid matter; to give out.

2. v. i. To flow from a body through the pores, or by a natural discharge, as juice.

Definition of Exude

1. Verb. To discharge through pores or incisions, as moisture or other liquid matter; to give out. ¹

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Definition of Exude

1. to ooze forth [v -UDED, -UDING, -UDES]

Medical Definition of Exude

1. In general, to ooze or pass gradually out of a body structure or tissue; more specifically, restricted to a fluid or semisolid that so passes and may become encrusted or infected, because of injury or inflammation. Origin: L. Ex, out, + sudo, to sweat (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Exude

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Nature by Norman Lockyer (1878)
"... under some abnormal circumstances, exude a sugary secretion which insects would eagerly feed on.1 WT THISELTON DYER NOTES WE have to record still ..."

2. The Encyclopaedia Britannica: A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and General by Thomas Spencer Baynes (1888)
"... which terminate in a curved point, and open when the seeds are ripe; the seeds are numerous aid winged. All the species exude resin, but po turpentine ..."

3. Human physiology, statical and dynamical, or, The conditions and course of by John William Draper (1878)
"... Water and Salts exude by filtration.— The Cells remove unoxidized Bodies.—Manner of Removal of the Liquid from tie Malpighian Sac. ..."

4. The Homoeopathic domestic medicine by Joseph Laurie (1883)
"... the eyes are easily dazzled and irritated, and discharge much water during the day, or exude a thick mutter, the lids becoming glued together during the ..."

5. Remarks on Forest Scenery, and Other Woodland Views by William Gilpin (1834)
"... they are a grievous torment, though it is doubtful whether they are blood suckers, or subsist only on such juices as exude through the skin. ..."

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