Definition of Eye opener

1. Noun. An alcoholic drink intended to wake one up early in the morning.

Generic synonyms: Drink

2. Noun. Something surprising and revealing.
Generic synonyms: Surprise

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Literary usage of Eye opener

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. More about Names by Leopold Wagner (1893)
"An Eye-opener expresses a stimulant of mixed spirits taken the first thing in the morning, or when a person is overcome with drowsiness. ..."

2. Who's who in Music in California by Willey Francis Gates (1920)
"In 1921, published a booklet entitled "An Eye-Opener on Musical Education"; composed for voice and piano. Member of Woman's Lyric Club ten years; ..."

3. Scottish Notes and Queries edited by John Bulloch (1907)
"... but the strong Scotch common sense of the boys nominally under his control was an effectual "eye-opener" to him, as he never repeated the experiment. ..."

4. What Shall I Do?: Fifty Profitable Occupations for Boys and Girls who are by John Sidney Stoddard, Lucy A. Yendes (1899)
"An eye opener "A business firm once employed a trained young man, whose energy and grasp of affairs soon led the management to promote him over a faithful ..."

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