Definition of Fallings

1. Noun. (plural of falling) ¹

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Definition of Fallings

1. falling [n] - See also: falling

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Literary usage of Fallings

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Statutes at Large from the Magna Charta, to the End of the Eleventh by Great Britain (1764)
"... eight hundred eighty eight pounds fourteen fallings and eleven pence one ... and eleven pounds four fallings and tight pence ; towards the charges of ..."

2. Universal Geography: Or a Description of All Parts of the World, on a New by Conrad Malte-Brun (1824)
"It is more certain that men may, with a little care, avoid the destructive effects of fallings Whether it down. At first, in choosing the site of a town, ..."

3. The Bible Word-book: A Glossary of Archaic Words and Phrases in the by Jonathan Eastwood, William Aldis Wright (1884)
"... fallings occurs in the margin of Job xli. 23, being a literal rendering of the original. The text has the more intelligible word ' flakes. ..."

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