Definition of False labor

1. Noun. Painless contractions of the muscles of the uterus that continue throughout pregnancy with increasing frequency.

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Literary usage of False labor

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Perfect Womanhood for Maidens--wives--mothers: A Book Giving Full by Mary Ries Melendy (1903)
"false labor PAINS false labor pains, especially in a first pregnancy, are sometimes ... false labor pains come on three or four weeks before the full time; ..."

2. Homœopathic Therapeutics by Samuel Lilienthal (1890)
"Sharp pains across abdomen, simulating false labor- pains. Caulophyllum.—Pains of a crampy nature. Gelsemium.—Muscles do not obey the will, she cannot walk ..."

3. The Science and art of obstetrics by Sheldon Leavitt (1901)
"In other eases. however, the presence of what have been described as false labor-pains, leads the woman to believe that parturition has made some progress, ..."

4. Therapeutic Gazette (1916)
"To differentiate true from false labor pains. 4. To induce labor. 5. To shorten the time of suffering of the woman in normal labor. 6. ..."

5. State Board Questions and Answers by Rudolph Max Goepp (1917)
"Give the differential diagnosis of true from false labor pains. false labor pains may occur for a period of from two to three weeks before the advent of ..."

6. A Theoretical and practical treatise on midwifery including the diseases of by Pierre Cazeaux (1878)
"I allude to what has been designated as the false labor, in which certain women, ... In others, the false labor is kept up at first during several hours, ..."

7. A Manual of homoeopathic materia medica by Joseph C. Fahnestock (1901)
"L,abor pains; painful bearing down sensation; false labor pains. Sensation as if uterus were congested with fullness in the hypogastric region. ..."

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