Definition of False saffron

1. Noun. Thistlelike Eurasian plant widely grown for its red or orange flower heads and seeds that yield a valuable oil.

Exact synonyms: Carthamus Tinctorius, Safflower
Group relationships: Carthamus, Genus Carthamus
Terms within: Safflower Seed
Terms within: Safflower Oil
Generic synonyms: Herb, Herbaceous Plant

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Literary usage of False saffron

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Gray's School and Field Book of Botany: Consisting of "Lessons in Botany by Asa Gray (1887)
"... SAFFLOWER, false saffron. (Arabic name of the plant, from the properties of the orange-colored ..."

2. Foods: Their Composition and Analysis by Alexander Wynter Blyth, Meredith Wynter Blyth (1903)
"... together with his false saffron, and in the following year two men and a woman were buried alive there for the same offence.1 In all the cities of ..."

3. The Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture: A Discussion for the Amateur, and by Liberty Hyde Bailey (1914)
"false saffron. One to 3 ft. high, glabrous, branched: Ivs. ovate, spiny-toothed, almost as broad as long: fl.-heads with upward-tapering involucre, ..."

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