Definition of Falstaffian

1. Adjective. Of or resembling Falstaff.

Partainyms: Falstaff
Derivative terms: Falstaff

Definition of Falstaffian

1. Adjective. corpulent and jolly ¹

2. Adjective. Of or pertaining to the traits of the comic character Falstaff ¹

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Literary usage of Falstaffian

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Tour Around New York, and My Summer Acre: Being the Recreations of Mr by John Flavel Mines (1893)
"... GUARD QUICKSTEP" — GENERAL TRAINING-DAY—A falstaffian ARMY—MILITIAMEN IN THEIR GLORY — OUR CRACK CORPS BEFORE me lies a worn and faded piece of music, ..."

2. The Trial of Sir John Falstaff: Wherein the Fat Knight is Permitted to by Asa Maxon Fritz Randolph (1893)
"Grew falstaffian in Body.—Soliloquy at Night, Timed by Shrewsbury Clock. —Killed by The Great Cryptogram.—His Will. —Design for a Falstaff Monument. ..."

3. The Garter Mission to Japan (1906)
"creature not more than seven years old, I should think, represented Hotel, the fat god of luck, with a falstaffian stomach. That child is a real little ..."

4. Sixth, Or, Classic English Reader by William Swinton (1885)
"falstaffian HUMOR. [SiR JOHN FALSTAFF is, perhaps, the greatest humorous character ever invented. " He is a man at once young and old, enterprising and fat, ..."

5. A History of American Literature .. by Moses Coit Tyler (1890)
"... justified by events, he had a falstaffian assurance in standing by them still, and a falstaffian wit in covering up the awkwardness of his discomfiture. ..."

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