Definition of Familiarity

1. Noun. Personal knowledge or information about someone or something.

Exact synonyms: Acquaintance, Conversance, Conversancy
Generic synonyms: Information
Derivative terms: Acquaint, Conversant, Conversant, Familiar, Familiar

2. Noun. Usualness by virtue of being familiar or well known.
Generic synonyms: Usualness
Attributes: Familiar, Unfamiliar
Derivative terms: Familiar, Familiar
Antonyms: Unfamiliarity

3. Noun. Close or warm friendship. "The absence of fences created a mysterious intimacy in which no one knew privacy"
Exact synonyms: Closeness, Intimacy
Generic synonyms: Friendliness
Derivative terms: Familiar

4. Noun. A casual manner.
Exact synonyms: Casualness
Generic synonyms: Informality
Specialized synonyms: Slanginess
Derivative terms: Casual, Casual, Casual, Casual, Casual, Casual, Casual, Casual, Casual

5. Noun. An act of undue intimacy.
Exact synonyms: Impropriety, Indecorum, Liberty
Generic synonyms: Misbehavior, Misbehaviour, Misdeed

Definition of Familiarity

1. n. The state of being familiar; intimate and frequent converse, or association; unconstrained intercourse; freedom from ceremony and constraint; intimacy; as, to live in remarkable familiarity.

Definition of Familiarity

1. Noun. The state of being extremely friendly; intimacy. ¹

2. Noun. Undue intimacy; inappropriate informality, impertinence. ¹

3. Noun. An instance of familiar behaviour. ¹

4. Noun. Close or habitual acquaintance with someone or something; understanding or recognition acquired from experience. ¹

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Definition of Familiarity

1. [n -TIES]

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Literary usage of Familiarity

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

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"tegin by discussing those accounts of the feeling of familiarity, which reduce it to ... It is the theory that familiarity consists in the presence, ..."

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"CHAPTER Of the danger of too much familiarity OPEN not thine heart to every man, but deal with one who is wise and feareth God. Be seldom with the young and ..."

3. Elements of Criticism by Henry Home Kames (1807)
"... the object from being brought down by the familiarity of its proper name. ... to the degrading familiarity of proper names, Vida has the following ..."

4. Knowledge is Power: A View of the Productive Forces of Modern Society, and by Charles Knight (1856)
"familiarity with the details of any subject or business does not necessarily presuppose or require an acquaintance with the principles upon which such ..."

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"Geometrical perspective and familiarity. Shadows. Intervening objects. Depth a matter of complex perception. Relation to movements. ..."

6. The Senses and the Intellect by Alexander Bain (1874)
"If we know that two persons are equal as regards both familiarity with an odour aud the habit of attending to it (circumstances tolerably easy to ascertain, ..."

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