Definition of Family Acipenseridae

1. Noun. Sturgeons.

Exact synonyms: Acipenseridae
Generic synonyms: Fish Family
Group relationships: Ganoidei, Order Ganoidei
Member holonyms: Sturgeon, Acipenser, Genus Acipenser

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Literary usage of Family Acipenseridae

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Bulletin of the University of Montana by Mont University of Montana (Missoula, University of Montana (Missoula, Mont.) (1903)
"... Surveys In the Missouri River below the Great Falls, and of late years a few have been collected by the US Bureau of Fisheries. Family ACIPENSERIDAE. 1. ..."

2. Russian Central Asia: Including Kuldja, Bokhara, Khiva and Merv by Henry Lansdell (1885)
"... of the family Acipenseridae. One form was found for a long time in the Mississippi only, till Fedchenko unexpectedly brought to light his specimen taken ..."

3. The Ottawa Naturalist by Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club (1898)
"Their distribution is erratic and very local. Excepting the common Sturgeons (the family Acipenseridae) the surviving species of ..."

4. Newton's London Journal of Arts and Sciences: Being Record of the Progress by William Newton, Charles Frederick Partington (1852)
"... more especially of the sturgeon family (Acipenseridae), preserving a peculiar texture, on which their value in the refining of fermenting liquors more ..."

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