Definition of Family Isoetaceae

1. Noun. Quillworts; coextensive with the genus Isoetes.

Exact synonyms: Isoetaceae, Quillwort Family
Generic synonyms: Fern Family
Group relationships: Isoetales, Order Isoetales
Member holonyms: Genus Isoetes, Isoetes

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Literary usage of Family Isoetaceae

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Journal of Applied Microscopy by Bausch & Lomb Optical Company (1903)
"Family, Isoetaceae. This quillwort may be found in moist prairies and overflowed fields in the central states of the Mississippi valley. ..."

2. Manual of the Flora of Jackson County, Missouri by Kenneth Kent Mackenzie, Benjamin Franklin Bush (1902)
"... the ridges of the stem each bearing one line of tubercles. —Very common in bottoms, especially along the Missouri River. FAMILY. ISOETACEAE Underw. ..."

3. Studien zur Entwicklungsgeschichte des japanischen Riesensalamanders by Charles Stuart Gager, Daniel Lange (1916)
"Family. Isoetaceae. Genus. Isoetes. Species. (eg, lacustris.} B. Habitat: Some forms grow on the bottom of ponds, others in moist meadows, or on the margins ..."

4. The Flora of the Palouse Region: Containing Descriptions of All the by Charles Vancouver Piper, Rolla Kent Beattie (1901)
"FAMILY. ISOETACEAE. Characters of the Order.. ISOETES. Stem a fleshy corm rooting just above the base, surrounded above by the swollen bases of the ..."

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