Definition of Family bruchidae

1. Noun. Seed beetles.

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Literary usage of Family bruchidae

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Applied Entomology; an Introductory Text-book of Insects in Their Relations by Henry Torsey Fernald (1921)
"family bruchidae (Pea and Bean Weevils).—In this group of small beetles the head is extended downward into a broad but short snout. ..."

2. Transactions of the American Entomological Society. by American Entomological Society (1884)
"... of the genera of our Chrysomelidae. and Horn investigating the lesser family Bruchidae. LeConte took the remaining 1 "íi it lily. ..."

3. Injurious and Useful Insects: An Introduction to the Study of Economic by Louis Compton Miall (1902)
"family bruchidae (pea-weevils). Small beetles, whose larvae live in seeds, especially of leguminous plants. There is no distinct beak, the antennae are not ..."

4. The Encyclopedia of Practical Horticulture: A Reference System of Commercial by Granville Lowther, William Worthington (1914)
"... control it though care should be taken to thoroughly clean the pods if they are to be eaten. Bean Weevil Acanthoscelides obtectus Say family bruchidae. ..."

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