Definition of Family dracunculidae

1. Noun. Greatly elongated roundworm.

Exact synonyms: Dracunculidae
Generic synonyms: Worm Family
Group relationships: Aschelminthes, Nematoda, Phylum Aschelminthes, Phylum Nematoda
Member holonyms: Dracunculus, Genus Dracunculus

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Literary usage of Family dracunculidae

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Diagnosis of Protozoa and Worms Parasitic in Man by Robert William Hegner, William Walter Cort (1921)
"C. family dracunculidae Long threadlike nematodes; male very small in proportion to female; anus absent; ovoviviparous; aquatic crustacean intermediate host ..."

2. The Animal Parasites of Man by Harold Benjamin Fantham, Maximilian Gustav Christian Carl Braun (1916)
"Family. Dracunculidae, Leiper, 1912. Males very small in proportion to females. Anus absent. Vulva absent (?). ..."

3. Fresh-water Biology by Henry Baldwin Ward, George Chandler Whipple (1918)
"Family DRACUNCULIDAE Leiper 1912. The famous guinea-worm of man known since ancient times belongs in this group. After impregnation the sexual pore ..."

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