Definition of Family reduviidae

1. Noun. Assassin bugs.

Exact synonyms: Reduviidae
Generic synonyms: Arthropod Family
Group relationships: Heteroptera, Suborder Heteroptera
Member holonyms: Assassin Bug, Reduviid, Genus Triatoma, Triatoma, Arilus, Genus Arilus

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Literary usage of Family reduviidae

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Applied Entomology; an Introductory Text-book of Insects in Their Relations by Henry Torsey Fernald (1921)
"family reduviidae.—This large family consists of carnivorous insects some of which arc small while others arc considerably more than an inch long (Fig. ..."

2. The Animal Parasites of Man by Harold Benjamin Fantham, Maximilian Gustav Christian Carl Braun (1916)
"FVT] Family. Reduviidae. Head long, narrowed behind into a neck ; eyes large, prominent : rostrum thick and curved ; antennae moderately long, ..."

3. Medical and Veterinary Entomology: A Textbook for Use in Schools and by William Brodbeck Herms (1915)
"Members of the family Reduviidae as typical representatives of the order Hemiptera, suborder Heteroptera, have the basal half of the wing covers thick and ..."

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