Definition of Family taxaceae

1. Noun. Sometimes classified as member of order Taxales.

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Literary usage of Family taxaceae

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Pennsylvania Trees by Joseph Simon Illick, Pennsylvania Dept. of Forestry (1914)
"The conifers comprise 34 genera and about 300 species, of which number 8 genera with 71 species belong to the Yew family (Taxaceae) and 26 genera with 226 ..."

2. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1898)
"We have thus a division of Conifers into a lower family (Taxaceae) and a higher (Pinaceae), and this is the sequence we are to recognize, ..."

3. Strasburger's Text-book of Botany by Eduard Strasburger, Hans Fitting (1921)
"family taxaceae.—The plants belonging to this family are grouped in a number of small genera distributed in the southern hemisphere. ..."

4. The Plant World by Plant World Association, Wild Flower Preservation Society (U.S.) (1916)
"The family Taxaceae was also abundant during the Mesozoic, both sub-families being represented. Some of the representative genera are: ..."

5. A Text-book of Botany by Eduard Strasburger (1898)
"family taxaceae.—Formation of cones imperfect; THE OVULES PROJECT BEYOND THE CARPELS, or the latter may be absent; the ripe seed possesses an aril, ..."

6. Journal of Applied Microscopy by Bausch & Lomb Optical Company (1903)
"Family, Taxaceae. The yew is a low shrub growing on moist banks and hills, especially in the shade of large conifers. It is common northward. ..."

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