Definition of Farthermost

1. Adjective. (comparatives of 'far') most remote in space or time or order. "The utmost tip of the peninsula"

Exact synonyms: Farthest, Furthermost, Furthest, Utmost, Uttermost
Language type: Comparative, Comparative Degree
Similar to: Far

Definition of Farthermost

1. a. Most remote; farthest.

Definition of Farthermost

1. Adjective. Most remote or distant; furthermost ¹

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Definition of Farthermost

1. [adj]

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Literary usage of Farthermost

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Official Report of the Trial of Charles Louis Tucker for the Murder of by Massachusetts, Massachusetts Superior Court (1907)
"... Q. Whether or not the employees who are at the farthermost limits at the Blake place have any other means of knowing the time? A. No, sir. Mr. VAHEY. ..."

2. Suomalais-englantilainen sanakirja by Severi Alanne (1919)
"... farthest off (I. away), farthermost. ... oleva) farthest, farthermost. perim├Ątieto tradition. ..."

3. Wisconsin, Its Geology and Physical Geography: A Popular Account of the by Ermine Cowles Case (1907)
"It is the sum of these different invasions that is spoken of as the Glacial Age and the line joining the farthermost extent of each and all is spoken of as ..."

4. Graded Lessons in Language by Rosa Viola Winterburn (1910)
"If he goes to the farthermost limits of the world he will not escape my power. Notice, however, the increased subjunctive force in the first illustration, ..."

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