Definition of Fashion industry

1. Noun. Makers and sellers of fashionable clothing.

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Literary usage of Fashion industry

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. What Makes Industries Strategic: A Perspective on Technology, Economic by Martin C. Libicki (1996)
"The fashion industry takes in those parts of the clothing, cosmetics, consumer wares, ... Since success in the fashion industry requires access to affluent ..."

2. Feminism in Germany and Scandinavia by Katharine Susan Anthony (1915)
"But the fashion industry of to-day does its utmost by exaggerated demands to force the ... And the worst of the situation is this: The fashion industry, ..."

3. Failures and Promises of the California Garment Industry: Hearing Before the edited by Peter Hoekstra (2000)
"He works with the fashion industry' in San Francisco, which has an ethnic Asian base that is very similar to the one that we heard about at our hearing in ..."

4. The Battle Over Britain by Philip Dodd (1995)
"If we were searching for an index of this place I have described, then the clothing (including fashion) industry might do. It is not merely that fashion and ..."

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