Definition of Fat-soluble vitamin

1. Noun. Any vitamin that is soluble in fats.

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Literary usage of Fat-soluble vitamin

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Vitamins by Henry Clapp Sherman, Sybil Laura Smith (1922)
"Steenbock and Boutwell (1920b) attempted to concentrate the fat-soluble vitamin from carrots, alfalfa, and yellow corn by fat solvents with the following ..."

2. Physiology and biochemistry in modern medicene by John James Rickard Macleod (1922)
"When the reserves of the fat-soluble vitamin are exhausted, ... Administration of some fat-soluble vitamin in the diet dispels the eye symptoms usually ..."

3. The New Dietetics, what to Eat and how: A Guide to Scientific Feeding in by John Harvey Kellogg (1921)
"The fat-soluble vitamin is of especial importance to growing animals. ... The fat-soluble vitamin is fifteen times as soluble in fat as in water. ..."

4. Botanical Abstracts by Board of Control of Botanical Abstracts (1921)
"In cod-liver oil there is high content of fat-soluble vitamin with low content of ... The fat-soluble vitamin withstands severe methods of saponification, ..."

5. Vital Factors of Foods: Vitamins and Nutrition by Carleton Ellis, Annie Louise Macleod (1922)
"... PROPERTIES OF THE VITAMINS NOTHING is yet known concerning the chemical structure, and very little concerning the properties of the fat-soluble vitamin. ..."

6. Progressive Medicine by Hobart Amory Hare (1920)
"In considering the vitamin origin of this disorder, their study shows that the fat-soluble vitamin is not the controlling influence; that infants develop ..."

7. Collected Papers (1922)
"Evidently lie does not want to label it as identical with the fat-soluble vitamin. I do not'believe that the fat-soluble vitamin can be considered the ..."

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