Definition of Fee splitting

1. Noun. Payment (usually by doctors or lawyers) of part of the fee in return for the referral.

Generic synonyms: Defrayal, Defrayment, Payment

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Literary usage of Fee splitting

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Law: Business Or Profession? by Julius Henry Cohen (1916)
"CHAPTER XVI "fee splitting" IT was but recently disclosed to the general public that ... "Fee-splitting," as it is called, has been long recognized in the ..."

2. Doctors versus folks by Robert Tuttle Morris (1915)
"... presented: "PREDACEOUS SURGEONS Editor of The Globe, Sir—Dr. Robert T. Morris recently wrote a public letter commenting upon the fee-splitting evil. ..."

3. Public sanitation, and other papers by Clement Adelbert Whiting (1916)
"*FEE-SPLITTING. One of the most dangerous and insidious of the faults of our drug medical brethren has been imitated to some extent by physicians of our ..."

4. Medical Chaos and Crime by Norman Barnesby (1910)
"You will go on fee-splitting the same old way." Doctor Luhn, in his closing remarks, ... The matter of fee- splitting I denounced in my paper as an outrage. ..."

5. The Story of the Exposition: Being the Official History of the International by Frank Morton Todd (1921)
"Fee-splitting between physician and surgeon came in for some expert ... Fee-splitting," Dr. Haggard declared," is criminal because it leads, first, ..."

6. Microbes and Men by Robert Tuttle Morris (1915)
"She set the law of compensation at work, and put on the brakes by bringing in their commercial instinct fee splitting then caused decomposition of ..."

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