Definition of Feedings

1. Noun. (plural of feeding) ¹

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Definition of Feedings

1. feeding [n] - See also: feeding

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Literary usage of Feedings

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Simplified Infant Feeding: With Eighty Illustrative Cases by Roger Herbert Dennett (1920)
"The artificial feedings were gradually increased and sugar added, and on September 21 the infant weighed 14 pounds 9 ounces. ..."

2. Contributions by Dept. of Anatomy, University of Minnesota Dept. of Anatomy, University of Minnesota (1917)
"8022 gm.; breast feeding until 216th day; thereafter mixed feeding; seven feedings per day for first two weeks; thereafter five, six or seven feedings. ..."

3. A Dictionary of American Politics: Comprising Accounts of Political Parties by Everit Brown, Albert Strauss (1907)
"... which thereby recovers its own men and is saved the trouble and expense of guarding and feedings its captives. In an exchange, the rank of the prisoners ..."

4. A Manual of Personal Hygiene: Proper Living Upon a Physiological Basis by Walter Lytle Pyle (1917)
"... in a bottle at the same temperature as the milk will soon break the habit of undue wakening. Night-feedings are unnecessary after the fourth month. ..."

5. History of Long Island: Containing an Account of the Discovery and by Benjamin Franklin Thompson (1839)
"... gardens, orchards, trees, woods, under-woods, pastures, feedings, common of pastures, meadows. marshes, lakes, ponds, creeks, harbors, rivers, rivulets, ..."

6. Diseases of infants and children by Henry Dwight Chapin, Godfrey Roger Pisek (1911)
"feedings Prepared at the Feeding Station.—When a physician who thoroughly understands the preparation of food can have a good nurse to carry out his ..."

7. Practical Dietetics: With Reference to Diet in Disease by Alida Frances Pattee (1905)
"... Table showing the Number of feedings and Quantities of Modified Milk to be given to Artifically Fed Infants.—(Koplik.) The increase in the amount of ..."

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