Definition of Fellah

1. Noun. An agricultural laborer in Arab countries.

Generic synonyms: Peasant

Definition of Fellah

1. n. A peasant or cultivator of the soil among the Egyptians, Syrians, etc.

Definition of Fellah

1. Noun. A peasant, farmer or agricultural laborer in the Middle East and North Africa. ¹

2. Noun. (alternative spelling of fella) ¹

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Definition of Fellah

1. a peasant or laborer in Arab countries [n -LAHS, -LAHIN, or -LAHEEN]

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Literary usage of Fellah

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Village Life in Egypt: With Sketches of the Saïd by Bayle St. John (1852)
"Illustrations of fellah Manners from Fiction — Town Story-tellers — fellah Story-tellers — The Tantawi —Anecdote of the Horned King — Story of Hak Hak. ..."

2. Egypt and the Egyptian Question by Donald Mackenzie Wallace (1883)
"A fellah village, when seen at a distance through the clear Egyptian atmosphere, has the appearance of a dirty-brown, shapeless mass of ruins, ..."

3. A Confederate Soldier in Egypt by William Wing Loring (1884)
"But for many centuries the plight of the Egyptian fellah has been a wretched one. ... Recent events, however, have shown very clearly that the fellah is not ..."

4. The Khedive's Egypt: Or, The Old House of Bondage Under New Masters by Edwin De Leon (1877)
"Who is the fellah, and what is he?—His earlier history as written on the tombs and temples, in the Scriptures, on stone and papyrus—A letter three ..."

5. The History of Mankind by Friedrich Ratzel (1898)
"Only the fellah has remained essentially the same for 5000 years. ... If one asks for old Egypt one must go down to the mud hut of the fellah, ..."

6. With Kitchener in Cairo by Sydney Alexander Moseley (1917)
"CHAPTER VIII The fellah THE song of the fellah, sung properly, ... It is often asked, "What was there in the fellah that won for him the great protection of ..."

7. Reminiscences: The Story of an Emigrant by Hans Mattson (1891)
"Here some one might object that this is a fellah HUT. wretched happiness, because their religion is Mohammedanism or Islamism. Man feels himself drawn to a ..."

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