Definition of Fenestra rotunda

1. Noun. Fenestra leading into the cochlea.

Medical Definition of Fenestra rotunda

1. An opening on the medial wall of the middle ear leading into the cochlea, closed in life by the secondary tympanic membrane. Synonym: cochlear window, fenestra of the cochlea, fenestra rotunda, round window. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Fenestra rotunda

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Anatomical Technology as Applied to the Domestic Cat: An Introduction to by Burt Green Wilder, Simon Henry Gage (1882)
"fenestra rotunda s. Fenestra cochlea ; Fenestra ovalis s. Fenestra vestibuli.—These two gateways to the labyrinth have already been exposed. ..."

2. Principles of human physiology by William Benjamin Carpenter, Henry Power (1864)
"Moreover it is certain, that the vibrations of the air in the cavity of the tympanum must of themselves act upon the membrane of the fenestra rotunda; ..."

3. Wonders of the Human Body: From the French of A. Le Pileur by Auguste Le Pileur (1870)
"... drum, or membrana tympani, fenestra avails, fenestra rotunda, Eustachian tube, the small bones of the ear, muscles and movements of the small bones. ..."

4. Principles of human physiology: With Their Chief Applications to Psychology by William Benjamin Carpenter (1855)
"tLr the vibrations of the air in the cavity of the tympanum, must of thi-m selves act upon the membrane of the fenestra rotunda ; and this is perhaps the ..."

5. The London Medical Gazette (1830)
"If the fenestra rotunda in the mam malia alone be examined, it may be concluded that it exists almost entirely for this purpose; but as the different ..."

6. Outlines of Physiology, Human and Comparative by John Marshall (1868)
"The exact use of the fenestra rotunda, and of the membrane closing it, is not well understood. As already mentioned, it has even been supposed by some, ..."

7. Anatomy, Descriptive and Surgical by Henry Gray (1858)
"fenestra rotunda, communicates with the tympanum: in the ... is closed below by the membrane of the fenestra rotunda; the other, ..."

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