Definition of Fibrillate

1. Verb. Make fine, irregular, rapid twitching movements. "His heart fibrillated and he died"

Generic synonyms: Jerk, Twitch
Derivative terms: Fibrillation

Definition of Fibrillate

1. Verb. To make irregular, rapid movements. ¹

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Definition of Fibrillate


Medical Definition of Fibrillate

1. 1. To make or to become fibrillar. Synonym: fibrillated. 3. To be in a state of fibrillation. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Fibrillate

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Germ Warfareby John Lonergan by John Lonergan (2001)
"... to fibrillate. Lindon's brain cells, starved of oxygen and attacked by the toxins, started to die. Eight minutes later, Lindon's heart stopped. ..."

2. Report of the Annual Meeting (1900)
"After the vessels supplying this flap had been tied, the ventricle was caused caused to fibrillate ; the flap continued to pulsate as before. ..."

3. The Medical Clinics of North America by Richard J. Havel, K. Patrick Ober (1917)
"A beneficial action, we think, is shown in the action of digitalis in the cases in which the auricles flutter or fibrillate. This irregularity occurred in ..."

4. A Manual of the Infusoria: Including a Description of All Known Flagellate by William Saville-Kent (1880)
"... spire of two coils, the external and basal one equal in width to nearly twice the diameter of the body, its free border fimbriated or fibrillate; ..."

5. A Text-book of Vegetable and Animal Physiology: Designed for the Use of by Henry Goadby (1858)
"In every instance the cell-wall appeared to dissolve entirely, and exhibited no tendency to fibrillate; moreover, the fibres of fibrine are, ..."

6. Surgical Pathology and Morbid Anatomy by Anthony Alfred Bowlby (1887)
"The cartilages fibrillate and wear away, and from FIG. 67. Knee-joint from a case of Char- ... The ligaments also fibrillate, stretch, and waste. ..."

7. Lectures on pathological anatomy: Delivered at Guy's Hospital During the by Samuel Wilks (1859)
"Now, suppose again this plasma should form nuclei and cells, and these should rapidly be produced and have no tendency to fibrillate, a large mass of ..."

8. The British and Foreign Medical Review: Or Quarterly Journal of Practical (1844)
"... when they escape, fibrillate; whereas, the further the corpuscle is, or the greater the number of stages of its removal from the circulation, ..."

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