Definition of Field theory

1. Noun. (physics) a theory that explains a physical phenomenon in terms of a field and the manner in which it interacts with matter or with other fields.

Generic synonyms: Theory
Category relationships: Natural Philosophy, Physics

Definition of Field theory

1. Noun. The branch of mathematics dealing with the algebraic structure of fields. ¹

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Literary usage of Field theory

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1883)
"Meson field theory represents an extension of electromagnetic field theory in which ... Meson field theory was confused in the 1940's by the erroneous ..."

2. Geometric Structures in Nonlinear Physics by Robert Hermann (1991)
"Mathematically, this involves regularizing the partial differential equations of non-linear quantum field theory by means of integro-differential equations. ..."

3. Proportion and Harmony of Line and Color in Painting, Sculpture, and by George Lansing Raymond (1899)
"Artistic Harmony not Imitated from Nature—Field-Theory with Reference to the Method of Securing it—Physiological Objection to it—Psychological—Principality, ..."

4. Quantum and Fermion Differential Geometry by Robert Hermann (1977)
"Notice that this way of developing Lagrangian field theory has the virtue of involving only the ... Lagrangian field theory for Fermion Fields Let (xU,,a ..."

5. Lie-theoretic ODE Numerical Analysis, Mechanics, and Differential Systems by Robert Hermann (1994)
"... the elementary particle theory treatise by Cheng and Li [13a] contains the most understandable expostion of quantum field theory renormalization. ..."

6. Yang-Mills, Kaluza-Klein, and the Einstein Program by Robert Hermann (1978)
"A GENERAL field theory DESCRIBED BY DIFFERENTIAL FORMS Let H be a manifold. (In the physical examples it will be a suitable jet fiber bundle over space—time ..."

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