Definition of Fighting

1. Noun. The act of fighting; any contest or struggle. "The unhappy couple got into a terrible scrap"

2. Adjective. Engaged in or ready for military or naval operations. "Review the fighting forces"
Exact synonyms: Active, Combat-ready
Category relationships: Armed Forces, Armed Services, Military, Military Machine, War Machine
Similar to: Operational
Derivative terms: Activeness, Activity

Definition of Fighting

1. a. Qualified for war; fit for battle.

Definition of Fighting

1. Verb. (present participle of fight) ¹

2. Adjective. engaged in war or other conflict ¹

3. Adjective. apt to provoke a fight ¹

4. Noun. A fight or battle; an occasion on which people fight ¹

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Definition of Fighting

1. the act of one that fights [n -S]

Medical Definition of Fighting

1. 1. Qualified for war; fit for battle. "An host of fighting men." (2 Chron. Xxvi. 11) 2. Occupied in war; being the scene of a battle; as, a fighting field. A fighting chance, one dependent upon the issue of a struggle. Fighting crab, a remarkably pugnacious East Indian fish (Betta pugnax), reared by the Siamese for spectacular fish fights. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Fighting

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Catholic Encyclopedia: An International Work of Reference on the by Charles George Herbermann (1913)
"Moralists as a rule are of tne opinion that bull-fighting as practised in Spain is not ... And prize-fighting is surely much more brutal, seeing that the ..."

2. The American Boys Handy Book by Daniel Carter Beard (1890)
"The tactics used in these battles of the clouds are just the opposite from those employed in fighting with unarmed kites. To win the battle you so manoeuvre ..."

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