Definition of Fillable

1. Adjective. able to be filled. ¹

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Definition of Fillable

1. fill [adj] - See also: fill

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Literary usage of Fillable

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. George Puttenham: The Arte of English Poesie by Richard Puttenham (1869)
"But this odde fillable in our ... our odde fillable is not altogether of that nature, but is in a maner drowned and ..."

2. 1. Certayne Notes of Instruction in English Verse. 1575: 2. The Steele Glas by George Gascoigne, George Whetstone (1868)
"... and maketh that < fillable long ... fillable, whereas if it ... fillable long, and that were cleane ..."

3. Micro-cosmographie: Editio Princeps, 1628 by John Earle (1868)
"... fillable long, and that were cleane contrarie to the common vfe wherwith it is pronounced. For furder explanation hereof, note you that commonly now a ..."

4. A Discourse of English Poetrie, 1586 by William Webbe (1895)
"Such as is the laft fillable in ... the wordes of one fillable ending in E, as the, when it is an article, he, Jhe, ye, etc. we I thinke mould needes be ..."

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