Definition of Finish coat

1. Noun. The final coat of paint.

Exact synonyms: Finishing Coat
Generic synonyms: Coat Of Paint

2. Noun. The final coating of plaster applied to walls and ceilings. "We can't paint until they put on the finishing coat"
Exact synonyms: Finishing Coat
Generic synonyms: Coat, Coating, Plaster

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Literary usage of Finish coat

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Handbook of Building Construction: Data for Architects, Designing and by Nathan Clarke Johnson, George Albert Hool (1920)
"The finish coat should not be applied for several days (the longer the better) after the first and second coats are in place. The delay allows the greater ..."

2. Carpentry and Building (1905)
"to become dry after the finish coat has been applied than if this drying had taken place before the application of the last coat. The results are usually as ..."

3. Concrete-steel Construction by Henry Turner Eddy, Claude Allen Porter Turner (1919)
"Value of finish coat, Strip Fill and Wood Floor from the Standpoint of Deflection—A slab the depth of which has been increased twenty percent by a strip ..."

4. Cyclopedia of Architecture, Carpentry and Building: A General Reference Work by American Technical Society (1909)
"The finish coat. The finish, skim, or white coat should never be applied until the ... The whole surface of the finish coat, whether of'putty or hard ..."

5. Small Farm Buildings of Concrete: A Booklet of Practical Information for the by Universal Portland Cement Company (1914)
"Each coat should be brought to a true plane and, excepting the finish coat, should be scratched in the same way as the first coat. ..."

6. Concrete Houses, how They Were Built: Articles Descriptive of Various Types edited by Harvey Whipple (1920)
"The finish coat should be applied over a damp, but not saturated, under coat, for excess water is likely to injure the bond seriously. ..."

7. Concrete Work: A Book to Aid the Self-development of Workers in Concrete and by William Kendrick Hatt, Walter C. Voss (1921)
"The finish coat should be applied not less than a week after the application of ... The finish coat should not be permitted to dry out rapidly, and adequate ..."

8. Cement Houses and how to Build Them: Illustrated Details of Construction by William A. Radford (1909)
"The finish coat should be put on after the scratch coat is well set, the coat having been ... The finish coat may be one-half inch to one inch in thickness. ..."

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