Definition of Fire pit

1. Noun. A pit whose floor is incandescent lava. "The fire pit of the crater"

Generic synonyms: Cavity, Pit

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Literary usage of Fire pit

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. An Ancient Quarry in Indian Territory by William Henry Holmes (1894)
"Plan ol' n lodge-shop ┬╗ite, showing fire pit and circle of retuse. site; that on account of the brittleness of the material, implements in process of ..."

2. ...The American Boys' Handybook of Camp-lore and Woodcraft by Daniel Carter Beard (1920)
"THE CHINOOK FIRE-PIT The chinook fire-pit is one which is used in the northwestern part of the United States, and seems to be a combination of the ordinary ..."

3. Navaho Houses by Cosmos Mindeleff (1898)
"If, on coming out of the second fire pit, the breath. body is still considered bad by the chief, he takes it to the third fire, and, if there be no evil in ..."

4. Grammatical Fundamentals of the Innuit Language as Spoken by the Eskimo of by Francis Barnum (1901)
"The fire pit is only used when the inmates of a ... From the level of the fire pit a narrow ditch is dug, ... Between the fire pit and front wall of the ..."

5. A History of the United States for Schools by John Fiske, Frank Alpine Hill (1899)
"Under each hole is a stone fire- pit in the middle of the hard earthen floor, and around each fire-pit are four stalls, two on each side and opening on the ..."

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