Definition of Fit the bill

1. Verb. Be what is needed or be good enough for what is required. "Does this restaurant fit the bill for the celebration?"

Exact synonyms: Fill The Bill
Generic synonyms: Conform To, Fit, Meet

Definition of Fit the bill

1. Verb. (alternative form of fill the bill) ¹

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Literary usage of Fit the bill

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Speeches of the Late Right Honourable Sir Robert Peel, Bart.: Delivered by Robert Peel (1853)
"... allusion had been made by another hon. member, if the House thought fit, the bill of the hon. member for Essex might be incorporated with the other. ..."

2. The Exchequer Reports: Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Courts by Great Britain Court of Exchequer, William Newland Welsby, Great Britain Court of Exchequer Chamber, Edwin Tyrrell Hurlstone, John Gordon (1856)
"... payable at 8ig fit. The bill was not addressed to any one, but across it the defendant's agent wrote the word "accepted," and the defendant's name and ..."

3. The Law Journal Reports: New Series (1885)
"... private contract upon such conditions and in such manner as they should think fit. The bill was duly registered, but the registration was never renewed. ..."

4. Reports of Cases Relating to Maritime Law: Containing All the Decisions of by James Perronet Aspinall, Butler Aspinall, Geoffrey Hutchinson, James. A. Petrie, F. A. P. Rowe, Bruce Farthing (1873)
"At ariy rate Mr. Ford would not 1 ' fit the bill, but he wasthe person who first gave iformation that Mr. Gnmm was dead, and that he «1 loft ноте executors. ..."

5. The Annual Register edited by Edmund Burke (1840)
"... majesty to take certain steps if she thought fit. The bill did not bind her to adopt those measures, and, therefore, after the act was passed it would ..."

6. The Need for a National Budget: Message from the President of the United by Frederick Albert Cleveland (1912)
"The House adopts, rejects, or amends any or all of its provisions, as it may deem fit. The bill in its amended form having been passed, it is then sent to ..."

7. Journal by Texas Legislature. Senate, Legislature, United States Congress. Senate, Texas State Library, Texas (1909)
"... to be numbered properly to fit the bill as amended, to read as follows: Section 53 of Chapter 10 of the General Laws of the First Called Session of the ..."

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