Definition of Flatworm

1. Noun. Parasitic or free-living worms having a flattened body.

Exact synonyms: Platyhelminth
Terms within: Flame Cell
Generic synonyms: Worm
Group relationships: Phylum Platyhelminthes, Platyhelminthes
Specialized synonyms: Planaria, Planarian, Fluke, Trematode, Trematode Worm, Cestode, Tapeworm

Definition of Flatworm

1. n. Any worm belonging to the Plathelminthes; also, sometimes applied to the planarians.

Definition of Flatworm

1. Noun. Any of very many parasitic or free-living worms, of the phylum ''Platyhelminthes'', having a flattened body with no skeleton or body cavity. ¹

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Definition of Flatworm

1. a flat-bodied worm [n -S]

Medical Definition of Flatworm

1. The tapeworms or cestodes, are ribbon-shaped segmented worms which inhabit the intestinal tract of many vertebrates (including humans). most tapeworm infections occur in Africa, Yugoslavia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Mexico and parts of South America and Russia. Some forms may be contracted from infected dogs or cats (more common in children) by ingestion of infected fleas. Taenia solium (pork tapeworm) is occasionally encountered in immigrants or visitors from endemic areas. Taenia saginata (beef tapeworm) is seen more often, especially in those who consume raw beef. Some tapeworms have been known to live up to 20 years and exceed 10 metres in length. Often asymptomatic infestations, but unexplained weight loss, symptoms of pernicious anaemia and the presence of white eggs or ribbon-like segments of worm in stools can be seen in some. (13 Nov 1997)

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Literary usage of Flatworm

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Contributions to the Study of the Behavior of Lower Organisms by Herbert Spencer Jennings (1904)
"Passing now to the Metazoa, we find in the flatworm, Planaria, as described by ... The flatworm may be considered typical of the lower bilateral Metazoa, ..."

2. Observations of Injurious Insects and Common Farm Pests ... with Methods of by Eleanor Anne Ormerod (1900)
"Land Planarian; " flatworm. ... be acceptable to some who may be as unacquainted with this repulsive almost poisonous-looking " flatworm " as I was myself, ..."

3. Behavior of the Lower Organisms by Herbert Spencer Jennings (1906)
"236), the behavior of the flatworm shows certain well-defined reaction types, which might, taken separately, be called reflexes. ..."

4. The Copepodologist's Cabinet: A Biographical and Bibliographical History by David M. Damkaer (2002)
"The last offense was that de Blainville said it came from a tuna (again, the flatworm!). Present-day judgment has restored the original name given by ..."

5. Practical Zoology by Robert William Hegner (1915)
"The fresh-water flatworm, Planaria, will be chosen first for study, since it is very abundant, can easily be studied in the laboratory, and is comparatively ..."

6. College zoology by Robert William Hegner (1918)
"A FRESH-WATER flatworm — PLANARIA Planaria (Fig. 97, and Fig. 98, 2) is a flatworm found only in fresh water, ..."

7. Special pathology and therapeutics of the diseases of domestic animals v. 2 by Ferenc Hutyra (1913)
"... flatworm of the size of a bean, occurs in some parts of Egypt in the ... leaf shaped, flatworm with two thorn- like projections at the anterior end. ..."

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