Definition of Fluke

1. Noun. A stroke of luck.

Exact synonyms: Good Fortune, Good Luck
Generic synonyms: Fortune, Luck
Specialized synonyms: Serendipity
Derivative terms: Flukey, Fluky

2. Noun. A barb on a harpoon or arrow.
Generic synonyms: Barb
Group relationships: Harpoon

3. Noun. Flat bladelike projection on the arm of an anchor.
Exact synonyms: Flue
Group relationships: Anchor, Ground Tackle
Generic synonyms: Projection

4. Noun. Either of the two lobes of the tail of a cetacean.
Group relationships: Blower, Cetacean, Cetacean Mammal
Generic synonyms: Tail

5. Noun. Parasitic flatworms having external suckers for attaching to a host.
Exact synonyms: Trematode, Trematode Worm
Generic synonyms: Flatworm, Platyhelminth
Group relationships: Class Trematoda, Trematoda
Specialized synonyms: Fasciola Hepatica, Liver Fluke, Fasciolopsis Buski, Blood Fluke, Schistosome

Definition of Fluke

1. n. The European flounder. See Flounder.

2. n. The part of an anchor which fastens in the ground; a flook. See Anchor.

3. v. t. & i. To get or score by a fluke; as, to fluke a play in billiards.

Definition of Fluke

1. Proper noun. (surname from=) ¹

2. Noun. A lucky or improbable occurrence, with the implication that the occurrence could not be repeated. ¹

3. Verb. To obtain a successful outcome by pure chance. ¹

4. Verb. (context: snooker) To fortuitously pot a ball in an unintended way. ¹

5. Noun. A flounder. ¹

6. Noun. A trematode; a parasitic flatworm of the trematoda class, related to the tapeworm. ¹

7. Noun. Either of the two lobes of a whale's or similar creature's tail. ¹

8. Noun. (nautical) Any of the triangular blades at the end of an anchor, designed to catch the ground. ¹

9. Noun. A metal hook on the head of certain staff weapons (such as a bill), made in various forms depending on function, whether used for grappling or to penetrate armour when swung at an opponent. ¹

10. Noun. In general, an offshoot from a central piece. ¹

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Definition of Fluke

1. to obtain by chance [v FLUKED, FLUKING, FLUKES]

Medical Definition of Fluke

1. 1. The part of an anchor which fastens in the ground; a flook. See Anchor. 2. One of the lobes of a whale's tail, so called from the resemblance to the fluke of an anchor. 3. An instrument for cleaning out a hole drilled in stone for blasting. 4. An accidental and favorable stroke at billiards (called a scratch in the United States); hence, any accidental or unexpected advantage; as, he won by a fluke. Origin: Cf. LG. Flunk, flunka wing, the palm of an anchor; perh. Akin to E. Fly. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Fluke

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society of England by Royal Agricultural Society of England (1881)
"I.—Report of Experiments on the Development of the Liver-fluke (Fasciola ... 'flie Egg and Embryo of the fluke.—The eggs of the liver- fluke occur in very ..."

2. Report on the Injurious Insects and Other Animals Observed in the Midland by Walter Edward Collinge (1908)
"The adult liver-fluke is a Hat unsegmented worm, about an inch and a ... The liver-fluke, like many parasitic worms, is hermaphrodite, ie, contains the two ..."

3. A Junior Course of Practical Zoology by Arthur Milnes Marshall (1899)
"THE adult liver-fluke is a flat unsegmented worm, about an inch and a half long, ... I. THK MATURE LIVER-fluke. Slit open the bile-ducts in ihr. liver of an ..."

4. The Diseases of live stock and their most efficient remedies: Including by Lloyd V. Tellor (1879)
"The sheep eat them with the grass, and the miniature fluke passes down the bowel until it ... The fluke itself is a flat, transparent or whitish worm, ..."

5. A Laboratory Guide to the Study of Parasitology by William Brodbeck Herms (1913)
"F. Examine a portion of an infested liver, and notice the characteristic lesions produced by the fluke. EXERCISE 32 OTHER TREMATODES A. ..."

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