Definition of Fluorescents

1. Noun. (plural of fluorescent) ¹

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Definition of Fluorescents

1. fluorescent [n] - See also: fluorescent

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Literary usage of Fluorescents

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Alternative Farming Systems by K. Schnieder (1994)
"These come at an increased first cost but offer reasonable paybacks—for example less than 2 years for compact fluorescents. Operation and Design Improved ..."

2. Energy Efficiency: Challenges and Trends for Electric UtilitiesBusiness & Economic (1994)
"Even standard fluorescents offer energy savings over incandescent bulbs for ... Manufacturers of compact fluorescents continue to make progress on adapting ..."

3. Residential Lighting: Use and Potential Savings by Linda Owens (1998)
"Replacing incandescent lights that are on for a short period of time with compact fluorescents is not very cost effective, because compact fluorescents ..."

4. How to Reduce Energy Costs in Your Building by DIANE Publishing Company (1983)
"If your fluorescents are used only infrequently, it probably will not pay to ... The Economics of Discarding 40w fluorescents that Still Work 65 KWH saved ..."

5. Building Energy Efficiency (1992)
"These come at an increased first cost but offer The net that hai reasonable paybacks—for example less than years for compact fluorescents. ..."

6. Opportunity 2000: Creative Affirmative Action Strategies for a Changing (1988)
"... fluorescents, compact fluorescents, and electronic ballasts commercially available. Research and development continuing on improving phosphors. ..."

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