Definition of Focaccia

1. Noun. A flat bread similar in style, composition, and texture to modern pizza doughs and topped with herbs, cheese and other products. Focaccia typically consists of high-gluten flour, oil, water, sugar, salt and yeast. ¹

2. Noun. A sandwich made with this type of bread. ¹

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Definition of Focaccia

1. bread seasoned with herbs and olive oil [n -S]

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Literary usage of Focaccia

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Transactions of the Royal Society of Literature of the United Kingdom by Royal Society of Literature (Great Britain) (1905)
"Non quelli a cui fu rotto il petto e l'ombra Con esso un colpo per la man d'Artù : Non focaccia : non questi che m'ingombra Col ..."

2. The World's Great Classics by Timothy Dwight, Julian Hawthorne (1901)
"focaccia of Cancellieri, the summer of 1302. act of revenge against his uncle is said Guelfi at Montaperto, occasioned by to have given rise to the parties ..."

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