Definition of Follow-through

1. Noun. Carrying some project or intention to full completion. "I appreciated his follow-through on his promise"

Generic synonyms: Closing, Completion, Culmination, Mop Up, Windup
Derivative terms: Follow Through

2. Noun. The act of carrying a stroke to its natural completion. "Squash can be dangerous if your opponent has a long follow-through"
Generic synonyms: Closing, Completion, Culmination, Mop Up, Windup
Group relationships: Shot, Stroke
Derivative terms: Follow Through

Definition of Follow-through

1. Noun. The continuance or completion of a project ¹

2. Noun. (sports) The continued action of a stroke, or of the delivery of a ball, after it has been hit or released ¹

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Literary usage of Follow-through

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Methods and Players of Modern Lawn Tennis by Jahial Parmly Paret (1922)
"For the most exaggerated ground strokes, the weight of the body is thrown so violently forward in the follow through that the balance is frequently checked ..."

2. The Gentleman's Magazine (1874)
"0 follow, follow, Through the caverns hollow, As the song floats thou pursue, Where the wild bee never flew; Through the noontide darkness deep, ..."

3. The Complete Golfer by Harry Vardon (1908)
"... take—The time to press—No follow-through in a bunker—Desperate cases—The brassy in a bunker—Difficulties through prohibited grounding—Play straight when ..."

4. The Universal Songster: Or, Museum of Mirth: Forming the Most Complete (1834)
"FOLLOW, follow through the sea, To the mermaid's melody '. Through things dreadful, quaint, and stra g , Safely, freely', shalt thou range Wonders that may ..."

5. The American Gynaecological and Obstetrical Journal (1901)
"follow. Through means of the needle both edges in the transversalis fascia and ... follow Through ..."

6. The Mystery of Golf by Arnold Haultain (1912)
"Indeed, my friend Mr. Kenyon- Stow, in an interesting conversation I had with him, averred that the whole and sole virtue of the follow-through depends upon ..."

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