Definition of Football official

1. Noun. An official who enforces the rules at a football game.

Specialized synonyms: Back Judge, Field Judge, Head Linesman, Line Judge, Side Judge
Generic synonyms: Official

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Literary usage of Football official

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Football Days: Memories of the Game and of the Men Behind the Ball by William Hanford Edwards (1916)
"At the same time the fact that a man has been approved as a football official by three of four big colleges is about as fine a football diploma as any one ..."

2. Athletes All: Training, Organization, and Play by Walter Camp (1919)
"Regulation football. Official.—Referee with whistle or horn. Winner of the toss shall have the choice of goal. If winner selects goal, loser will kick- off. ..."

3. Outing (1892)
"The Intercollegiate football official Rules are published by AG Spalding & Brothers, 241 Broadway, New York city. Frank C. Robinson, Pasadena, Cal. ..."

4. Report of the Committee on Teachers' Salaries and Cost of Living by Robert Clarkson Brooks (1913)
"... teaching athletics, acting as umpire or football official, giving swimming lessons, keeping summer camp for boys, managing a farm, doing ranch work, ..."

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