Definition of For love or money

1. Adverb. Under any circumstances. "She wouldn't give up her pets for love or money"

Definition of For love or money

1. Adverb. For any reason whatsoever. ¹

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Literary usage of For love or money

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Writing of Today: Models of Journalistic Prose by Gerhard Richard Lomer, John William Cunliffe (1915)
"not to be had for love or money.' ' We are now threatened by famine. . . . The amount of food required to deal We have suffered enough ; at least let this ю ..."

2. The Critical and Miscellaneous Prose Works of John Dryden: Now First by John Dryden, Edmond Malone (1800)
"... the fury of his natural temper, made every man and woman too in his plays stark raging mad : there was not a sober person to be had for love or money. ..."

3. The Book of Aphorisms by Robert D MacNish (1834)
"For the above reason, I have studiously avoided acquiring a knowledge of whist : gaming, either for love or money, is what I could never tolerate. ..."

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