Definition of Forager

1. Noun. Someone who hunts for food and provisions. "In Japan a fungus forager can earn a good living"

Generic synonyms: Hunter

Definition of Forager

1. n. One who forages.

Definition of Forager

1. Noun. An animal or person who forages ¹

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Definition of Forager

1. one that forages [n -S] - See also: forages

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Literary usage of Forager

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Seventy-five Years in Old Virginia: With Some Account of the Life of the by John Herbert Claiborne (1904)
"... The Asset of a Broken Concern—"A Swig From the Same Canteen"—The Best forager I Ever Saw—Signs of Demoralization—Fall Into the Hands of the Enemy—I give ..."

2. A Lover's Revolt by John William De Forest (1898)
"CHAPTER XIX ABNER AS A forager IT would be tedious to narrate all Abner's adventures in carrying official messages and orders. Those documents were many, ..."

3. The Ninth New York Heavy Artillery: A History of Its Organization, Services by Alfred Seelye Roe (1899)
"A hive of bees has no terror for the adept forager. The eleven •wagons are brought in, well loaded with all sorts. Still we are not wholly obdurate, ..."

4. Private Dalzell, His Autobiography, Poems, and Comic War Papers, Sketch of by James McCormick Dalzell, John Gray (1888)
"I.—DAVE SHEPPARD, THE forager. Dave Sheppard was in our mess, and a merrier lark never fought with Milroy, ran with Sigel, or stampeded with Hunter. ..."

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