Definition of Forgeman

1. n. A skilled smith, who has a hammerer to assist him.

Definition of Forgeman

1. Noun. A person who works at a forge. A blacksmith on a large scale. ¹

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Definition of Forgeman

1. an iron worker [n FORGEMEN]

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Literary usage of Forgeman

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Reminiscences of Seventy Years' Life, Travel, and Adventure, Military and by Robert George Hobbes (1895)
"The forgeman had a strong pair of tongs with long handles, suspended by a chain from a roller running on an iron rail fixed from the furnace to the hammer. ..."

2. Metallurgy: The Art of Extracting Metals from Their Ores, and Adapting Them by John Percy (1864)
"During this first part of tho process the forgeman has only the following ... Tho first object of the forgeman is now to bring up above the mass of iron ..."

3. Ensemble of the Decorative Work of the Painter Jean-Julien Lemordant by Yale University School of Fine Arts, Gustave Geffroy, Charles Le Goffic (1919)
"A forgeman. (Belonging to Mon. TB) 120. A Puddler. 121. ... A forgeman. 133. A Roller Man. (Belonging to Mon. D.) 134. An Excavator. 135. A Tanner. 136. ..."

4. The Poetical Works of Howitt, Milman, and Keats by Mary Botham Howitt, Henry Hart Milman, John Keats (1853)
"We 'II have no more collectors ! God save Philip ! Who is for him Î We '11 have no lord but Philip ! Enter forgeman, hurriedly. ..."

5. A Summer in Skye by Alexander Smith (1865)
"passage, and then a tipsy forgeman was unceremoniously shot out into the square, ... I hope that fellow won't come to grief," said Broster, as the forgeman ..."

6. Macmillan's Magazine by John Morley, Mowbray Morris, David Masson, George Grove (1860)
"“I hope that fellow won't come to grief;” said Broster, as the forgeman lurched through a group of countrymen intent on a bargain, and passed on without ..."

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