Definition of Fork

1. Noun. Cutlery used for serving and eating food.

Specialized synonyms: Carving Fork, Salad Fork, Tablefork, Toasting Fork
Generic synonyms: Cutlery, Eating Utensil
Terms within: Prong, Tine

2. Verb. Lift with a pitchfork. "Pitchfork hay"
Exact synonyms: Pitchfork
Generic synonyms: Lift
Derivative terms: Pitchfork

3. Noun. The act of branching out or dividing into branches.
Exact synonyms: Branching, Forking, Ramification
Generic synonyms: Division
Specialized synonyms: Bifurcation, Trifurcation, Divarication, Fibrillation
Derivative terms: Bifurcate, Bifurcate, Ramify, Ramify

4. Verb. Place under attack with one's own pieces, of two enemy pieces.
Category relationships: Chess, Chess Game
Generic synonyms: Aggress, Attack

5. Noun. The region of the angle formed by the junction of two branches. "He climbed into the crotch of a tree"
Exact synonyms: Crotch
Generic synonyms: Branch, Leg, Ramification

6. Verb. Divide into two or more branches so as to form a fork. "The road forks"
Exact synonyms: Branch, Furcate, Ramify, Separate
Related verbs: Branch, Ramify
Specialized synonyms: Arborise, Arborize, Twig, Bifurcate, Trifurcate
Generic synonyms: Diverge
Derivative terms: Branch, Branch, Forking, Forking, Furcation, Ramification, Ramification, Ramification
Also: Branch Out

7. Noun. An agricultural tool used for lifting or digging; has a handle and metal prongs.
Specialized synonyms: Hayfork
Terms within: Prong
Generic synonyms: Tool

8. Verb. Shape like a fork. "She forked her fingers"
Generic synonyms: Form, Shape

9. Noun. The angle formed by the inner sides of the legs where they join the human trunk.
Exact synonyms: Crotch
Group relationships: Body, Organic Structure, Physical Structure
Generic synonyms: Angle

Definition of Fork

1. n. An instrument consisting of a handle with a shank terminating in two or more prongs or tines, which are usually of metal, parallel and slightly curved; -- used for piercing, holding, taking up, or pitching anything.

2. v. i. To shoot into blades, as corn.

3. v. t. To raise, or pitch with a fork, as hay; to dig or turn over with a fork, as the soil.

Definition of Fork

1. Noun. A pronged tool having a long straight handle, used for digging, lifting, throwing etc. ¹

2. Noun. (obsolete) A gallows. ¹

3. Noun. A utensil with spikes used to put solid food into the mouth, or to hold food down while cutting. ¹

4. Noun. A tuning fork. ¹

5. Noun. An intersection in a road or path where one road is split into two. ¹

6. Noun. A point where a waterway, such as a river, splits and goes two (or more) different directions. ¹

7. Noun. (figuratively) A point in time where one has to make a decision between two life paths. ¹

8. Noun. (chess) The simultaneous attack of two adversary pieces with one single attacking piece (especially a knight). ¹

9. Noun. (computer science) A splitting-up of an existing process into itself and a child process executing parts of the same program. ¹

10. Noun. (computer science) An event where development of some free software or open-source software is split into two or more separate projects. ¹

11. Noun. (British) Crotch. ¹

12. Noun. (colloquial) A forklift. ¹

13. Noun. The individual blades of a forklift. ¹

14. Noun. In a bicycle, the portion holding the front wheel, allowing the rider to steer and balance. ¹

15. Verb. (transitive) To move with a fork (as hay or food). ¹

16. Verb. (context: computer science) To spawn a new child process in some sense duplicating the existing process. ¹

17. Verb. (context: computer science) To split a (software) project into several projects. ¹

18. Verb. (British) To kick someone in the crotch. ¹

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Definition of Fork

1. to work with a fork (a pronged implement) [v -ED, -ING, -S] : FORKEDLY [adv]

Medical Definition of Fork

1. 1. An instrument consisting consisting of a handle with a shank terminating in two or more prongs or tines, which are usually of metal, parallel and slightly curved; used from piercing, holding, taking up, or pitching anything. 2. Anything furcate or like of a fork in shape, or furcate at the extremity; as, a tuning fork. 3. One of the parts into which anything is furcated or divided; a prong; a branch of a stream, a road, etc.; a barbed point, as of an arrow. "Let it fall . . . Though the fork invade The region of my heart." (Shak) "A thunderbolt with three forks." (Addison) 4. The place where a division or a union occurs; the angle or opening between two branches or limbs; as, the fork of a river, a tree, or a road. 5. The gibbet. Fork beam A mine is said to be in fork, or an engine to "have the water in fork," when all the water is drawn out of the mine. The forks of a river or a road, the branches into which it divides, or which come together to form it; the place where separation or union takes place. 6. To shoot into blades, as corn. "The corn beginneth to fork." Origin: AS. Forc, fr. L. Furca. Cf. Fourch, Furcate. (04 Apr 1998)

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