Definition of Fowled

1. Verb. (past of fowl) ¹

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Definition of Fowled

1. fowl [v] - See also: fowl

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Literary usage of Fowled

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Sporting Magazine edited by [Anonymus AC02751662] (1833)
"... other in his slumbers, unconscious of the burning embers, equally so. J4(j. The Sun Eagle—W. fowled.—A clever representation of this bird of prey. 103. ..."

2. A Dictionary of English Synonymes and Synonymous Or Parallel Expressions by Richard Soule (1891)
"... kii.f fowled), 6. Sel, rix in. Stick* vn I. Adhere, cleave, cling, hold, stay fixed 2- Abide, remain, stop, stay, hold fast, be infixed, cling. 4. ..."

3. A Complete System of Pleading: Comprehending the Most Approved Precedents by John Wentworth, George Townesend, James Cornwall (1799)
"... the will of the i,iid plaintiff, hunted and fowled upon the faid ... lying, and being, and then andj^'1**5 there hunted and fowled therein, ..."

4. Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan, Izaak Walton (1909)
"When Christ said, Do you know all these things? and the Knowledge Disciples had answered, Yes; he addeth Blessed are fowled e ye if ye do them. ..."

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