Definition of Fragrant

1. Adjective. Pleasant-smelling.

Definition of Fragrant

1. a. Affecting the olfactory nerves agreeably; sweet of smell; odorous; having or emitting an agreeable perfume.

Definition of Fragrant

1. Adjective. Sweet-smelling; having a pleasant (usually strong) scent or fragrance. ¹

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Definition of Fragrant

1. having a pleasant odor [adj]

Medical Definition of Fragrant

1. Origin: L. Fragrans. -antis, Of fragrare to emit a smell of fragrance: cf. OF. Fragrant. Affecting the olfactory nerves agreeably; sweet of smell; odourous; having or emitting an agreeable perfume. "Fragrant the fertile earth After soft showers." (Milton) Synonym: Sweet-smelling, odourous, odouriferous, swetacented, redolent, ambrosial, balmy, spicy, aromatic. Fra"grantly. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Fragrant

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture: A Discussion for the Amateur, and by Liberty Hyde Bailey (1916)
"The fls. are slightly fragrant, in clusters of 2 to several, usually preceding the Ivs. but sometimes coetaneous, white to pink. ..."

2. A Dictionary of Similes by Frank Jenners Wilstach (1916)
"fragrant as the breath of angels. — OW HOLMES. fragrant as thyme upon the mountains. — UR. ... Apples, as fragrant, and as bright a hue, as those which in ..."

3. The Poetical Works of Thomas Moore by Thomas Moore (1910)
"THE TURF SHALL BE MY fragrant SHRINE (AiR.—STEVENSON) THE turf shall be my fragrant shrine ; My temple, LORD ! that Arch of thine ..."

4. Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine (1888)
"TEETH LIKE PEARL Produced by discarding cheap and gi and acid washes, which ruin tl: and by using daily ROWLAND ODONTO A pure, fragrant, and non-gritty ..."

5. The Iliad of Homer by Homer, John Graham Cordery (1871)
"... where stand his shrine And fragrant altar. There the Sire supreme Stay'd and from out the chariot loosed the steeds And shower'd thick mist about them ..."

6. A Complete Word and Phrase Concordance to the Poems and Songs of Robert by J. B. Reid (1889)
"This night I'm free to tak my aith, S. Bonie Lassie, will ye go \ butter'd So'ns, wi1 fragrant lunt, . . . Halloween. г$. Is nocht sae fragrant or sae sweet ..."

7. The Gardeners Dictionary: Containing the Methods of Cultivating and Philip Miller by Philip Miller (1754)
"С. В. Р. Snow-white Daffodil, with a yellow Cup, and a fragrant Odour. 41. ... and a very fragrant Odour. 42. NARCISSUS Orient alii po/y- ..."

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