Definition of Francois marie charles fourier

1. Noun. French sociologist and reformer who hoped to achieve universal harmony by reorganizing society (1772-1837).

Exact synonyms: Charles Fourier, Fourier
Generic synonyms: Sociologist

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Literary usage of Francois marie charles fourier

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A History of Socialism by Thomas Kirkup (1909)
"The deviser of the phalange, francois marie charles fourier 1 was a very remarkable man. He was bor n at Besancon in 1772, and received from his father, ..."

2. The Encyclopedia Americana: A Library of Universal Knowledge (1920)
"The greatest of the French Utopians was francois marie charles fourier (1772-1835). He was one of the most thorough believers in the possibility of ..."

3. Ten Frenchmen of the Nineteenth Centuryby Frederick Morris Warren by Frederick Morris Warren (1904)
"LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS Louis PASTEUR - Frontispiece PAGE FRANCOIS PIERRE GUILLAUME GUIZOT - - - 16 francois marie charles fourier - 43 Louis ADOLPHE THIERS ..."

4. A History: Greeley and the Union Colony of Colorado by David Boyd (1890)
"These communities were organized as near as might be according to the teachings of francois marie charles fourier, a French Socialistic writer who died in ..."

5. Historical Philosophy in France and French Belgium and Switzerland by Robert Flint (1893)
"It was thus that Claude Henri de Saint-Simon and francois marie charles fourier, the founders of modern socialism, were led to their peculiar speculations. ..."

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