Definition of Fred astaire

1. Noun. United States dancer and cinema actor noted for his original and graceful tap dancing (1899-1987).

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Literary usage of Fred astaire

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. EXPOSED Turn Up the Heat by Bruce F. Bowman (2006)
"Words on the computer that described fred astaire were debonair, poised, elegant. Try to be poised and casually elegant. CONSIDER There are 9 fraudulent ..."

2. The Letters of Marmot Brown: An Anthology of Letters to a Local Newspaper by Malgorzata Dunning Publishing (2005)
"The Academy was a Greek school run by Plato, the Lyceum was run by Aristotle, and The Lyceum Ballroom was run by fred astaire. Was fred astaire the Best ..."

3. Twist & Build: Creating Non-orthogonal Architecture by Karel Vollers (2001)
"... of the Nationale Nederlanden office building in Prague, Czech Republic, refers to the dancing couple fred astaire and ..."

4. The Rich Single Life: Abundance, Opportunity & Purpose in God by By Andrew Farmer (1998)
"... I danced more like Fred Flintstone than fred astaire. I had so much trouble with the steps and counts I couldn't even begin to think about leading Jill. ..."

5. 54 by Wu Ming (2005)
"Afterwards off they go to the dance hall, and some of them have routines that would put fred astaire to shame. We like it when they drop in to have a drop ..."

6. Adventure Guide to the Champlain & Hudson River Valleys by Patricia Foulke, Robert Foulke (2003)
"fred astaire and Ginger Rogers in The Gay Divorcee tickle the boards with smiles and grace. Names are added each year to the Hall of Fame, which is housed ..."

7. Face to Face by Jeff W. O'Connell, Gabrielle Warnock (2000)
"... story of expatriates in Ireland, subsequently filmed as "The Purple Taxi' starring, amongst others. Charlotte Rampling, Peter Ustinov and fred astaire. ..."

8. He Usually Lived with a Female: The Life of a California Newspaperman by George Garrigues (2006)
"I spent two hours the other night looking at an old movie --a fred astaire thing. He used to be my favorite. But when the picture was finished I had a ..."

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