Definition of Freedom of expression

1. Noun. (chiefly US legal) The right to express an opinion in public without being restrained or censored.(quote-book year=1996 author=John S. Gibson title=Dictionary of International Human Rights Law publisher=Scarecrow Press, Inc. url= isbn= page=79 passage=Strode's Act in the Parliament of 1512 was the first statute to protect such early freedom of expression, although limited to members of Parliament. )(quote-book year=1997 author=David Robertson title=A Dictionary of Human Rights publisher=Europa Publications Limited url= isbn= page=89 passage=Freedom of expression is essentially another, and perhaps more accurate, way of referring to the composite of rights usually labelled freedom of speech.)(quote-book year=1999 author=Frank Bealey, Allan G. Johnson title=The Blackwell Dictionary of Political Science publisher=Blackwell Publishers Ltd url= isbn= page=137 passage=freedom of expression — a group of the most important democratic rights. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press allow people to express their opinions and preferences and to communicate these to others. They allow criticism of those in power and and are basic to freedom to oppose the government. No authority can be sacred where freedom to criticize exists.) ¹

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