Definition of Freedom party

1. Noun. The most popular and feared Islamic extremist group in central Asia; advocates 'pure' Islam and the creation of a worldwide Islamic state.

Exact synonyms: Hizb Ut-tahrir
Category relationships: Act Of Terrorism, Terrorism, Terrorist Act
Generic synonyms: Foreign Terrorist Organization, Fto, Terrorist Group, Terrorist Organization
Geographical relationships: Asia

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Literary usage of Freedom party

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. International Religious Freedom (2000): Report to Congress by the Department edited by Barbara Larkin (2001)
"The former head of the freedom party, Jörg Haider, repeatedly has made statements deemed intolerant and anti-Semitic. While he has expressed regret for any ..."

2. Democracy and Governance Review: Mandela's Legacy 1994-1999 by Bernard M. Magubane, Yvonne G. Muthien, Meshack M. Khosa (2001)
"The Inkatha freedom party was the most notable black organisation in South ... Inkatha freedom party, a cultural movement with political undertones— much ..."

3. Human Rights Watch World Report 1998 by Human Rights Watch Staff (1997)
"Members of the Inkatha freedom party (IFP) were included in the cabinet, ... The Inkatha freedom party maintained its opposition to TRC proceedings, ..."

4. Black Ants and Buddhists: Thinking Critically and Teaching Differently in Mary Cowhey by Mary Cowhey (2006)
"There had been tremendous bloodshed there, especially during intense Black-on-Black fighting between members of the Inkatha freedom party (IFP) and the ..."

5. Prison Conditions in South Africa by Human Rights Watch (Organization)., Africa Watch Committee, Prison Project (Human Rights Watch) (1994)
"The police force in KwaZulu, the political base of Chief Gatsha Buthelezi, President of the Inkatha freedom party and Chief Minister of the homeland, ..."

6. Democracy and Delivery: Urban Policy in South Africa by Udesh Pillay, Richard Tomlinson, Jacques Du Toit (2007)
"This research directly informed the views of the ANC, the Inkatha freedom party and the National Party during the process of their negotiating a hostels ..."

7. Great Debates in American Hist: From the Debates in the British Parliament by United States Congress, Great Britain Parliament, Marion Mills Miller (1913)
"The judgment and conscience of the people are with us! they know our doctrines to be correct. The popular heart beats for freedom. Party prejudices are ..."

8. Great Debates in American History: From the Debates in the British by United States Congress, Marion Mills Miller, Great Britain Parliament (1913)
"The popular heart beats for freedom. Party prejudices are giving way. Truth is doing its legitimate work. A great political revolution is going forward. ..."

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