Definition of Frenzies

1. Noun. (plural of frenzy) ¹

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Definition of Frenzies

1. frenzy [v] - See also: frenzy

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Literary usage of Frenzies

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Theatre: An Essay Upon the Non-accordancy of Stage-plays with the by Josiah Woodward Leeds (1886)
"... not religiously appropriate to the objects of which they are the symbols—serves as a constant admonition to them to speak the truth." frenzies. , - ,. ..."

2. The Theatre: An Essay Upon the Non-accordancy of Stage-plays with the by Josiah Woodward Leeds (1896)
"Tried by this tenet, therefore, and with no need to seek for any other objection, the " false frenzies" of stage-players (as Bernard styles them) must be ..."

3. Across Africa by Verney Lovett Cameron, Daniel Oliver (1877)
"His Demoniacal frenzies.—Fire in Camp.—My Servant's Good Conduct.—Delicate Attention of Mrs. Kasongo. January, WITH Kasongo returned the horde of ruffians ..."

4. The Comic History of the United States: From a Period Prior to the Discovery by John D. Sherwood (1870)
"Delusions, like Measles, catching. — The frenzies of !ashion fully described. — The Stock Exchange. — Private Witch.. rafts at ..."

5. As to Roger Williams, and His 'banishment' from the Massachusetts Plantation by Henry Martyn Dexter (1876)
"... as well as painful, frenzies;440 and they found the prom- 439 The authorities on which they especially relied, appear to have been these, viz. ..."

6. A British Officer in the Balkans: The Account of a Journey Through Dalmatia by Percy Edward Henderson (1909)
"... invocation of Allah—Religious frenzies. AN interesting feature of Sarajevo, as of all towns in Bosnia /-X and the Hercegovina where " Turks" are found, ..."

7. History of Congregationalism and Memorials of the Churches in Norfolk and by John Browne (1877)
"themselves with the Presbyterians, nor embrace the frenzies of the Anabaptists. . . The courteous entertainment which these people found in the Belgic ..."

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